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Various Disinfectant formulations find a variety of applications for different purpose and has been categorized as under :
Biocide Solution for washing Fruits & Vegetables
The Biocide Solutions is the combination of Cationic Anti Bacterial agents which are effective against wide Spectrum of Bacteria which are responsible for spoilage of the fruits & Vegetables. The product is very easily washed off under running tap water. The residue if at all left is safe as the active material is used even in lozenges.
Household applications
  A. Floor Cleaner
  B. Kitchen Cleaner
  C. Toilet Cleaner
Hospital Disinfectant Solution
  A. CHG Solution IP
CHG Solution IP + Cetrimide Solution of various concentrations as per customer’s requirement
Antiseptic Cream for total Disinfection
  A. Mecetronium Etho Sulphate 0.2%
Tablet for Swimming Pools
This product offers a long lasting of Bacteriostatic & Bacteriocidal effect and it does not get destroyed like chlorine. Also it does not have an effect on skin & eyes. Contains safe Ingredient which is widely used in Eye & Ear drops. Available in various shapes & weight. Can also be used for cooling towers & water fountains.
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