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What is Nutraceutical or Dietary Supplement Product ?
GLUCOSAMINE : D-Glucosamine Hydrochloride and sulphate
CHITOSAN : Food and Nutrition/Cholesterol reducer
What is Nutraceutical or Dietary Supplement Product ?
They are also known as Nutraceutical or Food supplement and are available as OTC products for healthcare . The term means that foods or their extracts can be used as preventive drugs or food supplement and may be characterized as occurring at the intersection of food and pharmaceutical industry . The entire concept is building on the studies that link the importance of diet in combating diseases in mankind.

Caution : If you are allergic to crabs, shrimps or other types of shellfish, then you should not take these products.
Glucosamine : D-Glucosamine Hydrochloride and sulphate
Glucosamine encourages to create the fundamental building material of the cartilage i.e. proteoglycans and collagen. Proteoglycans with their special structure resemble bottle cleaning brush. The space between the bristles of this imagined bottle cleaning brush is filled with collagen. While collagen is flexible substance, proteoglycans provide the cartilage with strength. In a healthy joint, the combination of proteoglycans and collagen is such that the cartilage is both strong and flexible enough. With age, however, the ability of the organism to produce the necessary amount of Glucosamine is reduced and it is therefore advisable to supplement it in the form of food supplements.
The main action of Glucosamine in human body is to stimulate the synthesis of cartilage in joints. It also inhibits the degradation of cartilage which is associated with Osteoarthritics and the effect can be relief from the pain and inflammation around joints. Glucosamine has anti-inflammatory effect and prevents the creation of enzymes which can damage the cartilage.
Also Glucosamine has an important physiological function to human body as it takes part in the detoxification of liver and kidneys.
D-Glucosamine Hydrochloride contains 98% Glucosamine where as Glucosamine Sulphate contains 75% Glucosamine. Both behave similarly in the gastrointestinal environment to liberate the active Glucosamine compound by absorption.
CHITOSAN : Dietary Supplement & Cholesterol reducer
Chitosan is a bipolymer considered as the most efficient natural fiber, which absorbs fat. It is the latest wonder drug to find favour with metrocentric fitness fanatics. Chitosan is said to soak up any where between 6-10 times its weight in fat and oil. These are then summarily excreted. It has no proven side effects and hence is considered as a natural dietary supplement. It significantly reduces cholesterol, low density lipids and triglycerides in blood plasma which are proven to contribute to obesity, cardiovascular disease etc.
Cosmetic Application
Chitosan has a strong positive charge which allows it to bind to negatively charged surfaces such as hair and skin. This property makes it useful as an ingredient in skin and hair care products.
The products, which can be manufactured, are shampoos, skin cleaning compositions and hair sprays. Carboxymethyl Chitosan, a water soluble derivative of Chitin has moistening effect on the corneous skin. It has a good hair protecting effect by preventing the lowering of tensile strength of hair by exerting antistatic effect during combing.
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